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Thermal Sprays

ARC SPRAY and HVOF (Advance technology)
The process involves deposition of molten wires on to a prepared surface. The metal being sprayed is melted in an electric arc or flame, atomized by compressed air. These molten particles at plastic state are propelled on to the substrate, by means of compressed air.

The wires/powder are fed into a gun where they are electrically charged and directed together to create an arc. The resulting heat melts the wire, forming droplets that are propelled by compressed air or gas to the part surface. 

Applications : Shafts bearing seat area repair , Boiler tube coating,Protective coating to improve suface properties against wear.


  • Conserving base metallurgy.
  • Cold process – Max. rise in Temperature 70 deg C.
  • No post weld heat treatment required.
  • High throughput rates.
  • High degree of repeatability
  • Techno- economical solutions

Boiler Tube Coating – This technology has been highly successful in wear protection of various areas in boiler subjected to severe steam & ash erosion.
ARC spray/HVOF coatings minimise the thinning of tubes which results higher tube life and reduced  leakages.

Shaft Bearing Seat Area Repair  - Because of the low process temperature it is recommended for Shaft bearing seating and seal area repair. We have reclaimed number of shafts using the process with dia. Upto  560 mm.

 In-Situ Welding

We have rich On-site experience in FABRICATION and REPAIR-MAINTENANCE welding techniques. Our qualified and trained field force renders expert technical service for different welding processes like


 Fabrication Work

We are capable of supply industrial components as per the specific requirements  (MOC – MS, SS, AL, Cu)

Training Programmes and Welder Certification  

Training has become an essential input for healthy growth of any company. When work force becomes more effective and efficient in their jobs, Company’s quality standards goes up which ultimately results in Higher profits.

We organize Classroom & practical training programmes for officers and welders on advance welding and repair technologies. We provide welder certification as per project requirement.   

We are associated with INDIAN INSTITUTE OF WELDING.

 Reclamation & Repairs

In view of industrial demand and to give cost effective solutions. We undertake jobs for complete reconditioning like Welding ,machining and wear protection.