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Project Gallery

Rotor Separator , Outer Diameter – 5300mm

  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Complete fabrication using  High Grade wear resistant plate.

Rotary Air Lock Reconditioning  Dia 1600 mm (Housing and Rotor)

  • Rotor repair
  • Housing repair & machining on VTL

Rollers buildup and Machining on Vertical Lathe

Shaft Bearing Seat Area Repair Using ARC SPRAY PROCESS

  • Cold process – Max. rise in Temperature 70 deg C.
  • No post weld heat treatment required.

Cold Box Welding – Cryogenic Application

  • Aluminium  GTAW  Welding
  • 100% X-RAY joints
  • Hydraulic pressure testing upto 8 kgs with 24 hrs holding time.

Journal Head Repair and Machining (PROMAC VRM)

  • Critical to machine because of eccentricity and heavy weight.

Flender’s Gear Box Line Boring on Horizontal Boring Machine.

  • Buildup and Line boring

Mining Equipment Fabrication & Repair

  • Sandwik Buckets 
  • Dumpbox
  • Mining Tipper Body for MAN trucks

Welding of Ultra Hard Liners in Dumpbox to Protect Against Wear